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Author:  Sallie Noel
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Date:  1/20/2007 8:53:00 PM
Subject:  Re: I think they've figured it out!
Message:  Susie, I am so glad they finally figured it out! Lyme is dreadfully hard to diagnose, apparently. My sister was in the hospital on a penicillin IV for three solid weeks several years ago with it. She suffered with a variety of symptoms, and it was probably a year and a half before they tested her for Lyme.

She and I are both field biologists and she knew she had been bitten by a tick (Lone Star, not a Deer Tick), plus we were being very watchful for Lyme symptoms--but she had NONE of the classic symptoms.

She had gotten to the stage that she was having memory problems and confusion, plus depression and a very odd stiffness (like a rod) at the base of her head. The spirochetes were already in her spinal fluid when they finally caught it. She said that after the second week of the IV, the stiffness left completely. She hasn't noticed any lingering symptoms from it either, arthritis etc. I would say she is perfectly normal, but then, neither she or I are that!!! haha!

Seriously, though, several profs at the University where I teach have done research on Lyme Disease, and if I can help you get any answers to your questions, email me at home at "enoel3165@charter.net"

My very best wishes to you.
Sallie Noel

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