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Author:  Susie g
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/15/2007 2:10:49 PM
Subject:  I Love Ya'll So Much!!!
Message:  I'm a few days late, but finally made it to this wonderful porch. I sorta forgot that straight out of the hospital I wouldn't be chalk full of energy!! I have to let all of you know that your prayers, your love and your jokes (roof! roof!) have made this past month so much brighter. I didn't have my laptop, but Roy and Syl kept me up on what was happening on here. Mostly what they told me was that " a lot of people love you and are sending prayers your way"! WOW was that an understatement. When I was able to read for myself I was overwhelmed. There is no way to say Thank You. No way to tell you what you mean to us. All I can say is.. in June.. watch out for the Texas Hugger..cause she's got hugs for everyone. Until then, thank you... from the bottom of my footies! I love you,
Susie G

 I Love Ya'll So  Much!!! by Susie g at 1/15/2007 2:10:49 PM
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