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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  1/10/2007 7:36:42 PM
Subject:  More on Susie G.
Message:  They moved my little sister to Dennison, Texas today. The Center for Desease Control has a Unit there. It is their thinking that there is another virus other than the Parvo that was masking some of the symptoms of the Parvo. They seem sure that she has the human strain of Parvo, and didn't catch it from a dog.

(Sorry about the canine jokes, sis)

She is still having problems breathing and they have checked and rechecked her lungs, finding nothing that would cause that. Hopefully they will be able to locate this other virus and know how to treat it. I looked up the human Parvo virus on Web TV and it's a nasty thing. So when you say a prayer for Ron...add Susie as a PS.

I'm very worried about her.

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