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Author:  Jonmark
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/31/2006 1:17:19 PM
Subject:  Ron Lyons
It’s always difficult to know how to pass along bad news so I’ll just get right to the point. Ron is facing a challenge with cancer. It apparently began in is lungs and has spread to his brain… which, at the moment, is causing most of the symptoms. His speech and motor skills are effected as well as vertigo. Fortunately, his sense of humor is still very much in tact.

Needless to say, the prognosis is a bit iffy at the moment as everyone gets up to speed. The symptoms began just a couple of weeks ago, the diagnosis just this week. Brain surgery is scheduled for Wednesday and cemo and radiation will also be part of the treatment.

Lana and Ron’s son Sean are taking good care of him. I promise to let you know when ever there is news to pass along.

For the moment, all we can do is light the lamps.


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