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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  12/23/2006 9:20:55 PM
Subject:  Re: Christmas Gift List????
Message:  To everyone who has asked....

For the most part, the chemo is not as bad as I had expected. The five hour dose I receive on every other Wednesday is called "light", then they hook me up to this pump, which is about the size of a VHS Tape, and I wear it like a fanny pack. I found out last week that this is the realy nasty stuff, but I receive it over a 48 hour period, rather than all at once.

I go back in on Friday and the remove the pump. I then get a shot that is designed to tell my body to replace any bone marrow that the chemo might have depleted. That sucker caused "flu like symptoms", such as aches and pains in every joint in your body. This is the most unplesant thing...but nothing that codene and THC can't handle. The THC doesn't come from Willie, but in a pill form. It screws up my weekends, but by Monday I'm back to about 70% of normal and by Tuesday...the effects are gone and I'm 100% or better.

My doctor had said that six months of this would take care of the problem...now he says four months, so it must be working. Those in the medical profession must have a course in med school that teaches them how not to provide basic progress information on a regular basis.

I appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts. I know those work...and Larry...my hair is getting thicker and regaining some of its original color. Figure that one out!

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