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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  12/11/2006 7:44:48 AM
Subject:  Grammy Nominations - Jimmy Webb!
Message:  When Mister Ron L. speak about Kacey, Mickey and a Grammy I truly understand if RON can be sad, mad, they same can I.

BUT still "my friend" Jimmy Webb have got some BIG Grammy over the years.
Also from 1990` years and up!

His ONLY Billboard #no. 1. SINGLE (not country) was in 1978 for "MacArthur Park" in Donna Summers version.

I know Jimmy are "high rank" in ASCAP - The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
It "always help"!

I am 100% plus more shure, that Jimmy deserved this GRAMMY he has got over the years.

Never understand why MICKEY (ever never???) got som of the BIG one too!

And I think lovely KACEY JONES deserved some too.

About "American Idol", as Ron L. says, "It's a young person's game".
BUT still I think Carrie Underwood WAS one of the better from that!
The ONLY one I know real about!

We still hope for BETTER DAYS for Mickey, his music, artist who doing his songs and all us supporters and lovers of Mickeys music!

When I think of Mickey just now, I think back of great sing-, songwriter P.F. Sloan.
Sloan wrote lot of great song "Eve of destruction" - but in a way "he never got a chance" - JUST BE A SONGWRITER!
Jimmy wrote a great song about him with titel "P.F. Sloan".

Maybe it is NOT the same with Mickey - or?
But he is maybe still LABEL?


erik "the dane"

 Grammy Nominations - Jimmy Webb! by erik "the dane" at 12/11/2006 7:44:48 AM
 Re: Grammy Nominations - Jimmy Webb! by Rob at 12/13/2006 1:05:34 AM