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Author:  kylecarter
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Date:  12/10/2006 3:27:17 PM
Subject:  Birmingham Blues
Message:  I've been reading the porch for 5-6 years. A fan of the man for 20. He left too soon. His music is irreplaceable. Nobody marries the words to the music like Newbury. I heard this song a few years ago on an album called Birmingham Blues I think. I'd like to purchase for my collection but its not offered on the CD Store. Help please.

Belated condolences to the family.

Birmingham Blues

The highway's not a place at night
To have your heart break down
There's no one there to lend a helpin' hand
Yes we're livin' in a time when fear
Won't let us turn around
To save the lost soul cold and barely standin'
Sad eyed in our headlights for a moment
Oh I'm too far down the road to turn back now
Someone else will stop in time I'm certain
Besides no one would stop for me
Oh how
Did I get through those years
And put it all together
The times have changed but I remember when
The only thing changin' was the weather
Say do you ever think about me my old friend

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