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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  12/9/2006 7:51:41 AM
Subject:  Re: Remembering MN music
Message:  Per...

If you continue to visit this Porch, and we all hope that you will, you will find that your story about the way you found Mickey's music will be repeated time and time again.

I believe it is what bonds the people here together...not just the exceptional music, but the ways be were introduced to that music...almost exactly the same with each of us.

You'll find a number of Porch People from your section of the world that sit and rock here. Many of them have made the trip across the pond to our great state of Texas for the annual Mickey Newbury Gathering that's held in Austin every June.

Please come and enjoy the love and music that is shared there...not to mention the Mickey moments that those who knew, worked with and loved Mickey when he was with us. It has been a life changing experience for me and others. Know that you would be welcomed with open arms.

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