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Author:  Per siedberg
E-mail:  per.siedberg@bornet.net
Date:  12/9/2006 12:30:16 AM
Subject:  Remembering MN music
Message:  Six months ago I went through the first period of unemployment in my life. During this time I had time for much thinking about the past and of course worries for the future. Other things that made the days go by, apart from looking for a new job and walks with the dog, was listening to music. For me music mostly means progressive rock, but for contemplating and moments of worries for what to come, this music doesn't really help that much. I felt that I really missed the Mickey Newbury LP:s that I not had heard since the old record player broke down. Well, I got a new job, not really what I hoped for, but much better than to be unemployed. Still I longed to listen MN:s music again so I started a search on the web, and there it was the MN homepage. After a question to The Porch to assure me that deliveries are made overseas I got answers from Susan, Leah, Meeks and Craig to ensure me that there were no problems. This seems to turn out to be a long long story, but what the heck... Well I ordered the 10 CD Box Set and began to wait rather impatiently. After three weeks I had almost given up hope that the box would show up, but than one day going home from work, I got an SMS from my wife saying that she had put something I was waiting for on the kitchen table. So I broke against all the speed limits on the road to get home to see if the old magic from the music still was there. Some 30 years ago when I first heard MN music, me and my friends in school only listened to progressive rock, the more comlexed the better. I had great problems to convince other friends to do the same. One day one of these guys succeeded to make me listen to a record he had come over in a sell-out. The cover looked like a Country record to me, and at that time I considered Country as a four letter word. Though, he forced me to listen and I was touched by every song, which is unusual. Now as a middle aged man I can´t remember which album this was, but some time after this first encounter with MN I myself found a double album: Live at Montezuma Hall / Looks Like Rain. I went home began to listen to LaMH, it was a great live recording. Then I began listening to LLR, ..... after the first cords when MN starts to sing I was hit by lightning. And then the second song starts, a few simple cords from the guitar and then .. Well mornings come..... I felt like I was hit by one of the trains from MN interludes. OK, back to the present, I opened the box and put LLR in the CD player, and there it was again, the lightning struck me again. And after recovering from that, the same old train hit me like it did 30 years ago. There is hardly not a day when I don´t listen to some of MN:s music and I have also began to listen to some music from Jonmark Stone. But I must disagree a little to Jonmark when he sings " ... and I swore I almost saw her when he sang of Angeline ..." . I myself is sitting in a dark corner of the very same room as a silent observer, feeling the pain from MN:s song. Well this has been a long story it´s time to make something useful of the day. And as MN sings "If you ever come to Sweden look me down", there is always place for friends at the Back Porch of our house. // Per

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