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Author:  Egbert
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Date:  12/5/2006 12:24:09 AM
Subject:  Re: Blue Board
Message:  Susie, putting a lock on the door means visiters on this site will lock their self out.
A person who want to break in, whereever he wants, will find a way to open that lock.
Next you do is to put another lock at the door.
Finally you will find yourself locked up.
This porch was meant to meet and communicate.
We are all kinds of people with all kinds of behaviour and all kinds of strenghts and weaknesses.
From time to time we express them and that is not always to everyones convenience or need.
But that is how we people are.
We have to get along with it in live and this porch is life.
A growing number of people know how to use this porch in a positive way.
Now one person has his own idea how to use this exceptional invention.
He seems to be hurt.
Did he hurt himself or did another one hurt him?
I don't know.
And because he doesn't ask for help I think he can manage his troubles.
He will stay away if his posts don't get respons or sort any effect, either on himself or on his need or on others.
Please let everyone be able to enter and take a seat at the porch and enjoy what is usually expressed here.
All the visiters who stay here a while or longer, have enough common sense to handle what we face along this open road.

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