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Author:  ChrisF
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/3/2006 7:41:35 PM
Subject:  we are still here
Message:  Well I don't post often but I still sit on the old porch and catch up with what is going on, who's hurting and sending silent thoughts across the waves to those in need.
I still travel in the M/home playing festivals and folk clubs and work part time for a TV channel in Sydney.
It was great to hear from Una and I have sent emails to her. She used to play my CDs when she had a radio program in Ireland.
I will try once again to make next years gathering it's high season on the air tickets.
I only spoke to Mickey about a half dozen times on the long distance phone but he was so encouraging about my music and was the reasion I recorded my first CD.
I am sure he would be happy to see Dougs contributions here on the porch.
I love reading them.
As for the crazys who soil this place every now and again just ignore them.
Love to all who sit on this lovely old porch.


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