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Author:  Judy C
E-mail:  Bellavim714@aol.com
Date:  12/1/2006 7:35:46 AM
Subject:  We are moving to Nashville
Message:  Mike and I have been in Nahville this past month looking for a house!! We found a wonderful home and will be moving the first week in Jan.

God blessed Mike with a transfer that we Never thought would happen.

As far as I know our email addy's will stay the same but we wil be off line towards the end of December until we can get them hooked back up.

We are so excited and hope you join us in our excitment.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get to go home to Nashville for good!!

Love to all,
Judy C

 We are moving to Nashville by Judy C  at 12/1/2006 7:35:46 AM
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 Re: We are moving to Nashville by Roy  at 12/2/2006 2:06:44 PM