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Author:  rOdeO
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Date:  11/20/2006 3:55:58 AM
Subject:  Re: Hello Porch!
Message:  I'm also much happier w/the current picture that I have of your life Mikey....and mine, too...
and that we've made our way away from our old posts...my post at the stool asking you (from yours) for shots and beers...no Mich lite and a shot o'Stoli in 8 years now.

I cherish the memories (well some of them) from those days...and I laugh at the memories that some folks have from those days (some that have grown to epic proportions)

Now, we have the best of both worlds...the memories of Mick and Rusty and others from those days...and a present and a future in our homes w/our loving wives.

I still live up in the "country" in Bay Minette...maybe we'll meet for dinner one night.

...bless this house...

your pal.....rjr...free from all uncertainty

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