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Author:  Bob C
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Date:  11/18/2006 3:25:52 PM
Subject:  Re: Hello Porch!
Message:  MrBeve..
I have to echo Roy's and Lois's posts... For some years I had checked in on the internet for a Mickey Site... Then one day (or night..) sometime in 2001 (June I think) I made the usual search and found the Porch.. There it was..
The old Blue Board.. I wasn't sure it was open to just a fan like myself, but was so pleased to find him and his PORCH...
This could be a 10 page post with my thanks for what you did with it... Just now to say THANKS...!!!
As Lois, I haven't been able to make a Gathering ... Found though, with that 'Old board' a place for, at a distance, touching the Man and his Music...

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