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Author:  MrBeve
E-mail:  sales@emeraldcoasthosting.com
Date:  11/18/2006 5:12:13 AM
Subject:  Re: Hello Porch!
Message:  Good to hear from you Jeff. I'm still around. I was one month away from sailing away on my 33ft Choey Lee. I had finally terminated my internet company, given away most of my belongings, had no pets, not married and was looking forward to sailing and working when I needed to. Evidently that was not meant to be. Fate intervened and I am so glad. Hurricane Ivan set my boat down between two houses a mile from where it was docked. It came down through the oak trees and was wedged between the two homes. I met Tracy during the year it took me to free the boat. Makes me wonder if there really is some sort of path we are to follow. I can't think of anything less than Ivan and Tracy that could have stopped me from sailing away. Let me know what you are up to these days. Take care pal.

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