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Author:  April
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Date:  11/14/2006 8:05:04 AM
Subject:  Re: Jimmie Mac
Message:  When I first ‘met’ Jimmie Mac he had taken a leave from the ministry and was working full time as a teacher at a middle school, so that his wife Lynne could take care of her mother and have her live with them. Jimmie’s ‘moonlighting’ job at the time was a volunteer position as a DJ and many of us who used to meet and chat online at the ‘pool’ on the livechat that’s connected to the front porch, used to tune in online and listen in to Jimmie’s program while we chatted. Sometimes Jimmie would come online and meet a few of us in the pool after his show was over and spend additional time chatting with those of us that were left lingering before he called it a night.

In his teacher-mode, Jimmie and I found a great deal to talk about – more like commiserate—but always Jimmie shared stories about his students and often with great pride about how much they had learned and progressed. I remember him telling me he was ‘interning’ a few students at the radio station to give them the experience, which was a huge thrill to them. As with everything Jimmie did he poured his heart and soul into those kids. And he was always so eager to hear of the latest accomplishment of my students as well.

But perhaps the thing Jimmie and I spent the most time talking about was music. His love for all kinds of music was apparent on his show. And even in his daily life he often talked of taking his grandkids to symphony concerts and was so proud of how they were doing with their private music lessons. He had a great love for classical music and amazingly he even managed to have that come across on his oldies show at times. So we spent a great many hours talking and sharing about our love for music and our students.

I keep finding myself thinking back about the other ‘loves’ in Jimmie’s life… NASCAR, he was so excited to finally able to go to see a race in person over the summer… Sailing…oh how he loved his boats. Even driving all the way to California and back to pick up a boat he found that he planned to restore and sail on a lake near his new home. And when he decided to leave teaching and get back into his ministry – his true calling – he picked up a new hobby that perhaps not many know about. Restoring and selling antique Oil Kerosene Lamps. You can see some of his handiwork that he’s sold on ebay still I think: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=castellie&iid=6248699085&frm=284

And of course back in his younger years, his own music forays. As I write this tribute I’m listening to a CD Jimmie shared with me of the demos he made when working in Nashville. Eleven songs he had written, some of which he shared with Mickey. One line of which I distinctly remember Jimmie sharing that Mickey said he wished he had written that ‘line’, a complement Jimmie took as one of the highest he could receive. I’ve also been listening to the song Jackie mentioned that Jimmie sang at Gathering IV, one he’d written more recently…another treasure. I wish I could have been there at the last gathering where he shared his latest song in tribute to Mickey. He was so very appreciative that time was made for him to perform on such short notice.

He loved being back in the ministry above all. And his work ministering to all of the people that belonged to the communities in the two small churches in Castell and Hilda, again was something he threw himself into heart and soul. As many of you know from his own blogs on myspace he had a funeral and a wedding he was in the midst of preparing for even in the last weeks and days before his own passing.

I was extremely fortunate to cross paths with Jimmie at a time in my life when things were very difficult for me. To have met someone who became a very dear friend, and who was also a minister and counselor deep down to his very soul, I found a tremendous support at a time when I’m not sure what I would have done without his kindness and words of encouragement. And as has been said by others, when I was taking myself too seriously he always found a way with humor to help me keep things in perspective.

When I finally had the opportunity to meet Jimmie face to face at a Mickey Newbury Gathering, the warmth I had felt from across all these miles was even more apparent. His friendship, even though mostly long distance, over these past years has only grown stronger. He always found a way to remind me that what we were put on this earth for was service to others. And that is what Jimmie did best. In tribute to his memory I only hope I can find a small way to give back to others, as he was always finding a way to do. I love you Jimmie and will miss you so very much.

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