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Author:  Ron L.
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Date:  11/11/2006 11:26:26 PM
Subject:  Re: Jimmie Mac
Message:  I first heard him before I met him. He was broadcasting "live from Buddy Holly Avenue" and it all had a mystique as it came from the Internet. Mickey was alive then and this guy doing great oldie radio from somewhere on the "Big Blue Marble" just added to all the magic as we discovered one another.

I later met him in Austin and always thought he was a good musician and somehow I remember him doing something with Sammi Smith. Jimmie knew who he was and wasn't ashamed to say so. I am not a religious person, spiritual maybe, but not religious. But Jimmie carried his love of God just about better than anyone I ever knew. It's not that he talked about it. He just "did". He ministered, he taught, and he played music...and I always got the impression that it all came to him in that order.

He and Mickey went back a ways and the day Mickey Newbury died, Jimmie went on the air with a tribute that is as good as anything I ever heard.

It has been a strange day capped by this very sad news. For me, it began with Joe's post which really had a lot to say and resulted in Doug's wonderful song. Joe was right. It can be a really harsh world and tears have always been for the people most human...which is most of us here.

I thank April for her desire to keep up with a very gentle man.

I once said this before. We might be looking differently at the stars tonight.........because.........you never know,

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