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Author:  Jonmark
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Date:  11/5/2006 10:02:43 AM
Subject:  Re: box set
Message:  Hi Dave-

Here's some info from Mickey's biography, Crystal & Stone, by Joe Ziemer.

Packaged as an eight-CD collection (the last four albums are doubled up) the Box Set contains 87 different songs. When Newbury was asked which of the songs were personal favorites, he replied, "My songs are like my children. Perhaps some may be prettier than others, but I love each of them just the same." Maybe somebody kidnapped the children, as ABC Hickory/MCA claimed the original masters to all 10 albums (!!!) had been lost or destroyed. "Record business foul play," mused devastated writer-critic Don Negri.

CD mastering then was accomplished with TLC from virgin vinyl thanks to Earl Wynn, Ernie Bunch and Bob Rosemurgy who donated sealed LPs to the cause. Owsley Manier, Rosemurgy and studio specialists undertook the massive project. Transferred on "exquisite equipment" in a Nashville studio, the audio was processed through a special computer. A skilled engineer removed surface noise and expanded the sound dynamics, without altering original music. The Box Set recreates these "lost or destroyed" albums, down to original cover art and song lyrics...

The Box Set received glowing reviews. Newbury's 10 albums recorded from '69 to '81, according to George H. Lewis, "comprise one of the most brilliantly original and important bodies of work of any contemporary popular artist... In his music, as in his life, Mickey Newbury has always set his standards high, and it shows from start to finish in this essential collection..."

And No Depression wrote, "The 10 albums Newbury released from 1969-1981 constitute one of the most remarkable catalogs of music any artist has assembled in this century, a body of work for which he deserves to be remembered and revered... The Mickey Newbury collection is one of those anchors that ground great record collections, a treasure that offers rewarding musical experiences for years to come."

Fans had anxiously awaited the Box Set. Several had played the twenty to thirty-year-old LPs so often that surface noise became a familiar part of the song. "Well his daddy was an honest SSSCCRRRRRAATCH man / Just a red-dirt Georgia SSSCCRRRRRAATCH farmer..." Many fans maintained record players solely to play his LPs. Fifteen years following the advent of the CD, Mick's music was offered in the digital medium. Mountain Retreat did an amazing job remastering the albums, and Newbury fans will be eternally grateful.


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