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Author:  Charlie
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/3/2006 12:32:34 PM
Subject:  old friends
Message:  It's so sad to see old friends pass...as it is to watch new friends endure the passing of thier loved ones...I still have Micks and Sammies' email address in my friends folder...just feels better with them still in my computer as they are in my heart....every time I go to look for an email address I can't remember(that would be ALL of them)I see Sams' and cry then I see Micks' and it somehow brings the most wonderful feeling of peace, love, laughter, and a smile to my heart....David Zettener was that same kind of guy...always there for everyone else...a REAL picker...an artist(he could take a piece of paper and pour ink on it, then dab a few brush strokes and bam it's a scene from the hill country)...a songwriter...a father...a son....a fella that, like Mick, you always just knew he spoke from a deeper place in his heart than most could ever find in thier own...in closing let me say that I love this porch and all on it and so thank you all for letting me express my feelings concerning the passing of yet another dear friend. I would have amended the earlier thread but could not find it...anywhere...now thats deep friends.................~?~......ps if ya google David Zettener, there should be a site with his artwork to view. His artwork is like Micks songs...ya just see, hear, feel, things that ya can't quite explain. Love to all, Charlie

 old friends by Charlie at 11/3/2006 12:32:34 PM