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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  10/31/2006 5:32:03 PM
Subject:  Old stuff in the attic
Message:  Now that I have gotten a way to pull up some of my old writngs, I'm having a ball. It's not that I think that it's great . it's just that it's mine and I was afraid it was lost forever. Here are a few I wrote a few years ago for Laura Shayne after Mickey passed away.

Maybe a big crowd, maybe a few.
Tonight , Daddy, I’m singing for you.
Center stage, and you there with me.
Paying’ my dues, but the love is for free.

Do they see us dancing as we sing our song?
I feel kind of weak but your arms are so strong.
You’re still the rock I seek all the time.
Memories of you help to make my life rhyme.

Maybe a big crowd, maybe a few.
Tonight, Daddy, I’m singing with you.

Strange were the sounds coming down the hall.
He heard someone trip, he then heard them fall.
The little girl entered the room with her news.
“Look at me daddy, I can walk in your shoes!”

Talk to me Daddy, why did you go?
You left me here, with things I don’t know.

I talked to you Darlin’, though we are apart.
I planted the answers down deep in your heart.

Hold on to me Daddy, I feel so alone,
My arms are so empty now that you’re gone.

I’m holding you Darlin’ the wind is my breath.
Love can’t be broken not even in death.

Sing to me Daddy, sing me a rhyme.
The world is so big, it’s such a hard climb.

I sing to you Darlin, through the waves in the sea.
It’s your turn to sing now, your spirit is free.

Walk with me Daddy, just a while longer.
Stay with me please until I grow stronger.

I’m with you Baby, together we’re one.
My tears are the rain, my smile is the sun.

Pray with me Daddy, please come bow your head.
Then pull back my covers and put me to bed.

I’ll pray with you Darlin’ and pray for you too.
Then slip in your dreams, where I’ll dance with you.

 Old stuff in the attic by larry larry  at 10/31/2006 5:32:03 PM
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