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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  10/14/2006 11:43:20 AM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the day - Friday the 13th
Message:  We've already allowed many of our plow shares to just rust away by running our family farms out of business by buying our food from other countries...we've sat by and seen Americans lose their jobs to out sourcing...we've already fun out national debt up to the point that China, Japan, France and Germany own more of this country than we do...it wasn't that long ago that we held the biggest sword in the world and nobody dared to mess with us...today we are trying to force our form of government on others, spending billions upon billions to rebuild and convert others when we can't afford to build a dike that would protect one of the most wonderful city in this country.

We're building schools and hospitals 5,000 miles away while we have the more dropouts and the highest medical costs on this planet.

What would happen if we "quit"? Another strong arm dictator would move right in...just like it's been for a thousand years. What will happen if we stay, rebuild that country, spend billions and billions more over the next five or ten years? Then pull out. Another strong arm dictator will move right in, taking advantage of everything we have done...just as it's been for a thousand years.

Yes, we need to get out big sword back...but it won't happen when we waste our resources on the other side of the world. Keep our money here! Let's take care of our needs. Experts say that there are ten times as many terrorists today, as there were before we invaded Iran. We haven't been able to find the man who planned the attack on 9/11...what have we gained?

Well, we've made a few companies, like "Good Old Dick's", billions and the major oil companies trillions, while our plows rust and our sword needs to be sharpened.

Stop the out-sourcing of jobs and manufacturing, stop the leak in our financial dike, spend our tax dollars to develope other forms of energy, and on and on...take care of the USA, our people our jobs, our borders. They say that we don't have the manpower to inspect every cargo container shipped into this country..we can't afford it...yes we can if we spend our tax dollars here...we don't have the manpower to keep our borders from being crossed...yes we do, bring those 125,000 troups home...I don't give a damn about Dick's company, Exxon/Mobil and all of the other favored companies.

This is America...what once was the land of the free and the home of the brave. Let's make it that way again. Let's put the good old USA first. Let's stop trying to force our ways on the rest of the world. Let's oil up the plows and watch our sword shine.

I know, this is political...so was the quote. I believe we still have the right to disagree with our friends and remain friends...to disagree with our leaders...I'm not sure how long we will keep that right...but we have the right to vote,and if an honest count of our votes can be made...we have the right to change.

I love you all...and I want to keep that right too.


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