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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  10/7/2006 7:30:02 PM
Subject:  Results & Treatment
Message:  Ok y'all...you don't need to post anything after this...I appreciate everyone, the phone calls and the e-mails...you have re-enforced my positive thinking with what you all have written and done. I just want to give you a report on what's going on and what I'm going to have to do to stick around until Gathering 40 or 50.

The doctor offered to put off my treatment until after the Frank Brown Festival, but Sylvia and I feel that attacking this thing as soon as possible is the best route to take. We've caught it in an early stage and we don't want to give it a chance to grow.

We have scheduled my treatments around the Frank Brown Festival and plan to be there.

I will receive a fairly new form of chemo therapy. I will have a "port" installed under the skin in my chest. The base treatment will take about two to four hours in the doctors office. As I understand it, they are not going to hit me with a massive dose of the joy juice...just a slow drip. Once they see how I handle this, they will hook up a small pump to the port and I'll wear that sucker for 48 hours and it will continue to feed me the chemo slowly over that time. I'll go back in and they will remove the pump and the feed line to the port.

I am told that this will reduce the side effects of the chemo, nausea, no energy, not being hungry, and so on...It also will not cause loss of hair in almost everyone who has had this done like this. This will continue for six months. I've had two of my doctors tell me that they didn't think I would need radiation treatments.
This treatment should wipe out the small "mass" that they found, and do the same to any of the microscopic nastys that might be floating around as the result of the initial tumor that was removed from my colon.

The chance of survival is up in the 80 to 90 percent range, depending on which doctor you talk to.

Those of you who know me well, know that I will do darn near anything to keep a negative thought out of my mind. I believe that positive thought and positive re-enforcement from family and friends will carry me through this with positive results. Mind over matter works.

I will spend time during each day using immanentism to cast out this marble sized thing out of my body. I will not accept the side effects of the treatment and I promise to hug each and every one of you in Flordia and in Austin next June.

The most important thing I've ever found in the bible is "God is Love". Thank you again for all the Love & Light you're sending my way.

 Results & Treatment by Roy  at 10/7/2006 7:30:02 PM
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