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Author:  Karen (Aus)
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Date:  9/29/2006 4:33:29 AM
Subject:  Re: Just To remember
Message:  Thankyou Ron for sharing that again. I feel as though I visited too. Perhaps I did; probably we all were there with you.

Mickey played again today in our shop and yet another customer commented on our beautiful music. I smiled and agreed, and hugged my memories of Mickey close to my heart.

My appreciation of and love for Mickey has only grown over the time since he left us. That is to be expected as his marvellous words only get deeper and richer in meaning as life and experiences roll by. The beauty of his voice and his melodies hit you time and again. That will always happen.

I am proud that Mickey was my friend. I am grateful to his generous family for sharing. I am thankful for Bob R for the amazing thing he did in bringing Mickey's music back to us. I am lucky that I was there at Perdido Key for the night of pure love and joy. And I love you all.

Goodnight Dear Hearts,


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