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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  8/23/2006 11:30:48 AM
Subject:  mickey newbury - he was a word painter!
Message:  You can read more on BACK PORCH,

where I think I/we maybe can get more INFO for people who know MICKEY, maybe family and friends, WHAT Mickey likes to read, books, group, solist, music, musical, painters, authors he likes and so on!

After "finish" my big danish "articles", around 40 xerox sites about JIMMY LAYNE WEBB, I was thinking about Jimmy mention John Lennon as a "word painter".

I am not much of a "word writer" or mostly not read books.

Have just finish in Bulgaria Mister Paul Colby book "The Bitter End" - great and easy book for me to read.

Have also read in Jimmy Webbs "music bibel", TUNESMITH (- Inside the art of songwriting -), 432 sites.
But this is mostly mention for musicpeople.
And NOT easy for me to read, most part!

In MUSICIAN are this book mention as "Perhaps the finest book about songwriting of our time".


erik "the dane"

 mickey newbury - he was a word painter! by erik "the dane" at 8/23/2006 11:30:48 AM