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Author:  Joe Z
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Date:  8/4/2006 5:18:09 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey on Ebay
The Johnny Cash Show: “Johnny Cash Presents New Nashville Sounds,” March 17, 1971     

Johnny Cash opens the show with "Folsom Prison Blues" and "If Not For Love." Then, against a backdrop of Mickey Newbury’s distinctive whistling, Cash introduces him, saying: “As a songwriter, I know the fatigue that comes with the creation of a line that fully expresses a heartfelt thought. Simple songs can be the hardest to write because the simple truths can be very elusive, and the mind and spirit must be receptive to the delicate words a writer’s soul demands. Our first guest is a skilled writer whose triumphs came originally from other artists’ recognition of his songs, and he has written for many of the top singers in the music business. But he’s not only one of the finest writers in the country, but also a fine performer. Ladies and gentlemen, Mickey Newbury.”

While strumming his six-string guitar and backed by full orchestration, Mickey performs "How I Love Them Old Songs" and "She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye."

Other performers this night include Chris Gantry, The Dillards, Marci Dean, Gary & Randy Scruggs, The Statler Brothers, June Carter and Mother Maybelle, Anita Carter and The Carters and the lovely Sammi Smith (performs "Help Me Make it Thru The Night.") The audience is even treated to a rare performance by Nashville super group, Area Code 615 (Wayne Moss, Charlie McCoy, Weldon Myrick, Kenny Buttrey, Bobby Thompson, Buddy Spicher, Norbert Putnam and Ken Lauber). The show ends as Johnny closes with "I Walk The Line."

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