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Author:  Sukie
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Date:  8/2/2006 12:38:27 PM
Subject:  Re: Bobby Doyle Was Called Home
Message:  I don't know many of the artists I read about on the Front Porch, but I am learning.

I didn't know Bobby Doyle, but when it was mentioned that he was blind all of his life, it reminds me of my beloved Uncle Bill, who was also blind all of his life and still accomplished far more in so many ways than I have in my life. Uncle Bill played piano, accordion, violin, and harmonica. He was educated at the superb Oakland (CA) School for the Blind when education for disabled people was hardly thought of. My Uncle Bill died in February 2005 at the age of 89, and soon I will honor his request to have his ashes scattered in the Pacific ocean. We waited a bit to plan a great send-off. Bill played along the shore of the Pacific in California as a child, but he never "saw" the ocean but knew that was where he wanted to be. He never complained once about his lack of vision, and he had some great theories on how life should be lived which he passed down to his nieces and nephews. I can see him lying on his bed with his earphones in place and listening to his beloved radio.

Recently on TV it was announced that soon there will be an instrument that can scan the written word and verbally translate it in seconds. This would include not only printed pages but just about anything a scan could pick up. My Uncle Bill would have loved this technology. Just two years more of life would have given him a technology that would have made his life even richer. But it was not to be.

When Uncle Bill passed away, the hospital called me about organ donation. I said that Uncle Bill wanted his sightless eyes used in research about blindness, and that is what we did. There are many ways to see life, and while I treasure my ability to see life in color, I will never forget a wonderful man who saw life in so many other ways.

Bobby Doyle is a man who would, I am sure, understand.

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