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Author:  Dave
E-mail:  DNW70@aol.com
Date:  8/2/2006 6:47:14 AM
Subject:  Re: Bobby Doyle Was Called Home
Message:  Hi, too bad about his passing, especially since he is very much an obscurity and not likely be as noted in remembreance as Syd Barrett (of Pink Floyd) and Billy Preston, just to name two very recent losses of the famous.

I have Bobby Doyle's NINE SONGS on Bell Records, featuring a couple of his "originals" and a few covers, produced & arranged by Mike Post, recorded in Nashville with some over-dubs from the Western Recorders Movie Lot in Hollywood, CA. and I wonder if any of you have Doyle's INTRODUCTORY OFFER on Warner Bros.? --That one I still have yet to find after probably seeing years ago.

Very sad news and my heartiest condolences to his family and friends.


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