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Author:  Larry Book
E-mail:  booksundown@aol.com
Date:  8/1/2006 12:32:19 PM
Subject:  Bobby Doyle Was Called Home
Message:  Robin from the Howard Johnson's Hotel where we held gathering 06 called to inform me that Bobby Doyle passed away last Saturday. Bobby was a long-time friend of Mickey's and was scheduled to honor Mickey with his superb keyboard playing and singing at gathering 06. He was unable to do so, due to advanced stages of cancer, and I feel so sad that everyone who attended gathering 06 didn't get to hear Bobby Doyle play. But I have faith he is now playing his music in the garden where the angels sing, And I am happy that we found Bobby Doyle in Austin and were able to reunite Mamie with him for a night of wonderful music before he was called home.

Mamie said Bobby was a regular visitor at their home when he was a young boy. Bobby was blind all of his life, but probably saw and heard more clearly than most the beauty of a musical note. Mamie says that Bobby was one of the most talented friends Mickey ever had..even as a young boy. We'll all miss Bobby Doyle.

You can pay your respects at austinamericanstatesman.com

Larry Book

 Bobby Doyle Was Called Home by Larry Book  at 8/1/2006 12:32:19 PM
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