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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/29/2006 1:53:08 PM
Subject:  Re: greetings from Holland
Message:  It sounds like you and Marcus are in for a wonderful time!

Now tell me, since you have now been there for oh, a day or so, and of course will be an expert on the matter...why is it called both Holland and the Netherlands and why are the people from there called "Dutch"?

Are wooden shoes still made there or are they made in China these days like everything here?

Was Joop really "the little Dutch boy" that had his thumb stuck in the dike? If so, has he yet to recover from the trama?

Inquiring minds and all that...anxiously awaiting your reply.

On a serious note, please give my regards to Egbert and Ina and of course Jos if you see him.


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