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Author:  andrew p
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Date:  6/30/2006 10:24:39 AM
Subject:  New Riders of the Purple Sage
Message:  Greetings Earthlings...
last night Susanna and I went to SKIPPER'S SMOKEHOUSE [a Tampa combination restaruant/concert venue...Fred Eaglesmith has played there] anyway...the concert venue is called THE SKIPPERDOME...very eclectic intimate place...OUTDOORS...we witnessed one of my favs: THE NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE...those boys still kick butt after all these years...Buddy Cage is STILL the best pedal steel player around...Got to shake Buddy's hand and tell him that he has been a musical hero of mine for a LONG time...pretty cool, eh?
The area in front of the stage quickly filled with writhing hippy-like solo dancers [several decked out w/tie-dyed t-shirts]...and they gyrated, swayed, grooved to EVERY song that NRPS played [kinda like a mini-Woodstock, ya know?]...Susanna & I took a trip and never even left the farm...FAR OUT!
SKIPPERS would be a great venue for Jonmark, Kacey, Doug, etc...
ANYWAY...great evening, great place, great music...
Thank you M'lady for going with me...it would NOT have been the same without you by my side...


 New Riders of the Purple Sage by andrew p at 6/30/2006 10:24:39 AM