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Author:  Jimmie Mac
E-mail:  jim_mcw1946@yahoo.com
Date:  6/27/2006 7:43:33 PM
Subject:  Friday Sing at Gathering
Message:  Hi Folks, I can't sing anymore because my cancerous lymph glands in my chest are puching on my wind pipe and it causes me to be horse. But I would like to drive the 2 hours to the Gathering on Firday afternoon and sing the song I wrote last year from Mickey but didn't get to come because of a Funeral which called me out of town for that Friday and Saturday. I would like to come between 2:PM and 6:PM, but I don't know what the schedule is. So someone let me know by e-mail by Friday Morning what time is best. The 4 hour drive may wear me out enough that I will need all of Friday night and Saturday to gain strength for my two Sunday Services. But I would like to come and do this one last thing for Mickey. So someone who knows and has thye power to get it done, please email me and let me know when I sould be there, please. I had my 2nd of 3 chelotherapy sessions today and I'm feeling great. They say I will have a couple of Down Days in the middle of next week then bounce back to normal after that for over 2 weeks. That sounds much better than I expected from ministering to others who have had cancer. God bless you all. My Blog report on my condition so you won't have to send email is And where I've posted the Words to the song I want to sing called "Still Ringin' In Our Ears!"


I hope to see you at the Gathering Friday Afgternoon. With Love, Jimmie mac

 Friday Sing at Gathering by Jimmie Mac  at 6/27/2006 7:43:33 PM
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