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Author:  flyseye
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Date:  6/24/2006 8:56:19 PM
Subject:  Question about DVD
Message:  Hello.If I am not mistaken the Mickey Newbury DVD is the same performance as Nights When I Am Sane/ Winter Winds, correct? Is the show altered in any way ala Winter Winds, or is it the straight performace ? I would guess the latter, as I cant figure out how one would add musicians to a video, but I wanted to be sure before ordering as, unlike many, I prefer the unadulterated performance.

Nice job to whoever is responsable for keeping all of Mr Newburys wonderful records in print on CD. They are all fabulous. However it would be nice if the box set cds were offered individully, as I have many (most) of the recordings on LP,and have recorded them to cd myself.

Anyway thanks to all.


 Question about DVD by flyseye at 6/24/2006 8:56:19 PM
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