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Author:  April
E-mail:  emrod101@yahoo.com
Date:  6/24/2006 7:53:39 AM
Subject:  Prayers for Jimmie Mac
Message:  Hi everyone,

I just heard yesterday from Jimmie Mac (aka Jim McWilliams). He asked me to share this and his email address (posted above) for folks who may want to get in touch with him.

I will see the Oncologist in Fredericksburg today to get set to begin Chemo-therapy next Monday or Tuesday. What I have is called Small-Cell Lung Cancer. My lungs are fine and clear, but the cancer, is in my lymph nodes and in my bone marrow. This type of cancer is Fast Growing, but responds very quickly to Chemo. I can't be cured yet, but it does go into remission for a year or more (in some people) after one or two chemo treatments. It will come back in the future and then I'll get more chemo and it will go back into remission again. So I'll probably be having chemo once a year until they find a cure or I get tired of fighting it. I'm feeling quite well right now.
***and another email just a short while ago with an update***
I visited with the Oncologist Yesterday. He said my bone marrow is only making cancer cells, not much blood cells. This Sunday will probably be my last Sunday in church. The Chemo will knock me down so badly because my bone marrow won't be making regular blood cells, that my preaching days are over. I will have to get on church disability and find a place for lynne and I to live...

On a side note... both Jim and his wife Lynne have recently had back surgery (that's how they found his platelet count was so low). So on top of the medical issues, having to move with both of them recovering is putting even more on their plate. So just thought I'd put out the call for positive thoughts and prayers...

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