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Author:  Barb & Felix
E-mail:  catandbarb@earthlink.net
Date:  6/23/2006 11:57:21 AM
Subject:  Let,s Eat
Message:  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be preparing 2 meals each day. The noon meal will be sandwiches and such with a big meal later. We know that everyone likes to help, so we are asking for several volunteers to help us at each of these meals to get things ready to serve and several to help clean up after the meal. Please contact us if you would like to help at (325)854-5948 or (325)660-5856 or at the Gathering. We will be arriving there on Wednesday. Anxious to see everyone and REMEMBER THE GOOD Felix & Barb

 Let,s Eat by Barb & Felix  at 6/23/2006 11:57:21 AM
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