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Author:  Duke
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Date:  6/8/2006 12:21:48 AM
Subject:  Re: Quote of the day - June 7
"This is a true story, you know, a lot
of people have heard the song, and...
well, at least Jerry Jeff tells me it's
a true story. I played guitar with Jerry
Jeff Walker for about two years and we
did this song every night for two years,
and I never got tired of it. Jerry got a
little tired of it -- at night, after the
clubs would close, we'd do horrible things
to it...

He...this guy, Bojangles, was a street
dancer in New Orleans, and what he'd do,
he'd go from bar to bar and...put money
in the jukebox, or get somebody else to
do it... And then he'd either dance or
pantomime the tune. And for that, people
would buy him drinks and get him pretty drunk,
and then he'd go on to the next bar, and the
next one, until it was closing time...and
then he'd go on, the next night.

After a few nights of this, he'd end up on
the corner, and the cops would pick him up
and then take him to the drunk tank...which
is where Jerry Jeff met him. Jerry Jeff wasn't
there on a research project -- I mean, the way
I got that story, I may have that wrong, but
the way I got that is that he propositioned
the right woman at the right time and the wrong
place...and her husband, the bartender...
called the cops, and they took Jerry to the
Parish jail. And he and this guy just talked
for three days in the cell...

I met him in a cell in New Orleans, he was
down and out..."

-David Bromberg remembering how Jerry Jeff
Walker came to write Mr. Bojangles.

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