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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  6/1/2006 10:24:48 PM
Subject:  Gathering Six
Message:  Back before G-4, Doug Lang posted a wonderful essay entitled, "Windchimes", in which he outlined who would be in Austin and prodived a thumbnail discription of their talent or contribution to the event.

He opened with Mamie and ran through Susan Newbury, Laura Shayne...who he states, "woke up one morning with the word "Legacy" steamed into her brow", and then on to the beautiful and very talented Marie Rhines and Jonmark Stone. From there, for some reason he brings Dave Franklin and Ernie Bunch into the picture, naming them as the mid-wives to the birth of this wonderful board that has brought us all together.

He went on to name dog gone nearly everyone from Sammi Smith to Susan Williamson to Ron Lyons to Joe Zeimer.

I'm not in the same league with Doug...or Duke (take your pick), so I won't even try to provide a detailed outline of what you can expect at Gathering Six. I will say that some of the folks Doug mentioned won't be here this year...and they will be missed....but, thanks to hundreds of hours of effort by Larry and Gail Book, this Gathering will be bigger, more professional and organized than any of those in the past.

I wish I could tell everyone some of the talented folks who have indicated they want to honor Mickey this year. I can tell you that Waylon Payne will be there for all three days and those of you who haven't met this talented son of Sammi are in for a real treat. Meeting Stacy Dean Campbell, the talented individual who put together Kacey's Mable Joy video and seeing the out-takes from that shoot will provide a lasting impression. For me, meeting Paul Colby will be a thrill as well as hearing what Leah called "the voice of God", Larry Jon Wilson...and old friend of Mickeys and one of those fantastic talents that has remained undiscovered, for the most part.
If you've never heard him...hang on to your seat!

My oldest best friend, "X" Linclon will be back as the official host of Room 155. If you didn't know, "X" is the nephew of Ernest Tubb.

Joe Gilcrest and his band of merry men and Reneda will be returning. I don't have the words to thank Joe for everything he does to make our Gatherings a success.

You'll have the opportunity to meet my little sister, Sue Goodwin...she's become a fixture on the board, but until you meet her in person you haven't really met her.

I am in the debt of Felix and Barbara who held up all four hands and agreed to provide the food this year. They are professionals in this field, so forget weight watchers and enjoy some great Texas food.

Sweet Virgina has made childs play for me by making sure the t-shirts and name tags will be a big hit this year. If you didn't order one, you'll regret it.

Now that I've started this I know I'll forget someone special...Like our MC, Ron Lyons...and his back-up, LarryLarry Moore. Ron is one of the few who has attended every Gathering and it would not be the same without him.

Sue Ann Zerre, my Sylvia, Susan Williamson, Randy Dodds...who says he will sing this year...Randy Brown for another logo, will be there doing whatever needs to be done.

To the Bose people for providing the sound this year and to those who are planning some special entertainment items...thanks is not enough.

We all need to honor the three people who have recorded CD's of Mickey's music...Cowboy Johnson, Toni Joline Clay and Kacey Jones...who is doing everything she can to put a stop to the question....."Mickey who"?

I want everyone to take the time to meet two of my oldest and insane friends...Martha Garrison and Judy Ayers. Judy was Waylon Jennings road manager for over two years! Just think about what kind of lady it took to pull that off.

So, if you haven't made up your mind yet to come to Austin...jump on the train...when you hear who was there and what happened in 155 and who passed out in the hot tub...you'll regret folding your hand...just "Go All In"!

Oh yeah...did I mention that lady with many hair colors...Laura Shayne Newbury? We've watched her grow from a "snotty nosed teenager", (quote LL) into a beautiful and talented young lady. She plans a duet this year that will blow you away.
I'm betting that she'll sing with Doug/Duke on "The Summer of St. Augustine" and "Be With Me".
Seeing that live will be worth the trip!

27 Days and counting...

I know, I missed a bunch of people who will be there....such as Little Bobbie...who Lib tells me ain't so little anymore....so accept my apology and consider it's 12:30 AM, Texas time and my mind shut down 30 minutes ago.

Love & Light!

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