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Author:  Newbury Fan Dave
E-mail:  DNW70@aol.com
Date:  5/19/2006 8:45:16 AM
Subject:  First Listening & Discovery of Mickey's & Thankx!
Message:  What I have become "Insaturated and Inundated with" is the fact that Mickey is no-longer with us--yes, I'm aware of his unfortunate death on Sept. 28? or 29? of 2002! Hard to believe he was with us and rather low-profile during the Sept. 11 Tradgedy of 2001! And sorry to see again, that a GOOD talent like Mr. Newbury is one of the ones gone!

Still enjoying his works from 1968-1981--though mighty tough for the average listener to get through his Box--I try to nod-off during what I so far, best, easily remember and know-by-heart.

Thanks Joey for your eMail and I'll stop by again real soon, Boys & Girls!

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 First Listening & Discovery of Mickey's & Thankx! by Newbury Fan Dave  at 5/19/2006 8:45:16 AM