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Author:  Bill Smith
E-mail:  wsmith@glade.net
Date:  4/28/2006 10:49:26 AM
Subject:  Re: Mamie's demise exaggerated
Message:  Here's Jack's response to my email post advising him of the mistake:

"Hello Bill - and everybody,

    Bill, I've never been so happy to have been so wrong! I guess I'd better remember who gave me the news and let them know that Miss Mamie's probably still holding court on Saturday nights in her reserved seat at the bar in New Caney. It's time for a phone call or e-mail to her. I watched Kacey Jones' video of San Francisco Mabel Joy, last night, and was moved to tears at Miss Mamie's brief appearance. This is good news, indeed! Thank you, Bill.

    I'm very sorry to hear of the death of Susan's mother. I didn't know Ms. Pack, but considering the presence of her strong, independent daughter (whom Mickey called his "rock"), I'm sure she was a fine person.

      Take care,

        Jack   "

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