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Author:  Sallie and Elton
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Date:  4/10/2006 9:35:56 PM
Subject:  Re: Susie - Anthony Zerbe
Message:  Just saw Anthony Zerbe's name and had to jump in to say how much Elton and I have always enjoyed him! He and Roscoe Lee Browne were at Austin Peay (my University) in 2000 and did their performance of "Behind the Broken Words". It was spectacular--if you ever get the chance to see them together, don't miss it. Elton and I talked with AZ and Elton asked him about his role in a couple of old Gunsmokes and he remembered them in detail!! In one he played twin brothers--one a priest and one a gunfighter. How I wish we'd known then that he was a friend of Mickey's. Mickey sure had some choice friends!!

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