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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  4/3/2006 7:53:52 AM
Subject:  follow your dreams laura shayne!
Message:  as I try to follow mine...   MY WAY!

In a "weak", thoughtful or good moment I write this e-mail!

A song was just around me at the cd player at that moment I write this mail - makes me glad, sad, little tearfull!
Me with a little tear in my eyes - I maybe dreaming!

I was just listning to a great version of "Moon River" (writer Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer) in a version with one of the great US female singers Liz Callaway from cd "The beat goes on".

And YES, YES, YES she have also recorded some Jimmy Webb tunes.

I ad your fathers words Laura - from "Songs of sorrow":

“It`s true I`m a fool and a dreamer
I`ll do what a dreamer would do
I`ll dream long enough and I just may be fool enough
To see my dreams come true”.

I think still today that MICKEY wrote this lines about me!

YOU Laura & Ryan following your dreams and I "the dane" mine in a different level.

MORE great news for me was my talk with danish songwriter "head", sitting on "the money chest", sing-, songwriter IVAN PEDERSEN at a small hotel concert 20 min from my home here last Saturday.

I gave him some cd record with Jimmy Webb and some usefull papers and ask him if they was interested if I invited J.W. to Denmark for a Songwriter siminar + maybe also a concert.
The straight feed-back I got this Saturday evning, night time from him was
- "Just invite him over - WE PAY THE BILL.
Ivan can also give me FREE artist, to maybe play with Mister Webb or as a support act.

I have just to wait - if he still interest TODAY or the next day!

I soon will know more - how serious they are.

Some of "IVAN´s people" will be at the songwriter seminar in Los Angeles around 20th April.
So I hope they can tell Mister Webb about "his friend" the "crazy dane" and that he want Mister Webb to come to the homeland of HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN and VICTOR BORGE to perform + maybe more.

When I in the last week have looking over some of Mister Webbs articles and read more about his early live and years of growth in Oklahoma and West Texas and his move to California in 1964.
Grown up in the Bibel Area with very little talk about sex, girls, drinking and NOT listning to Elvis in his home, "only" his father was interested in country singers and then moving with his father, (Baptist minister back then) and his mother to the SINS CAVE out in California in 1964.
Then as 18 years old, short after they move to California loose his mother - she was only 36 old when she died.
Father "left" him alone in California with 40 US dollar for a week stay at a motel and whent back to Oklahoma with Jimmy`s 3 sisters and 3 brothers.
The story ends up lucky for JIMMY, WITH LOTS OF HIS SONGS "build" over his grown up, lost love, childhood and a lot more.
He moves to Hollywood and start writing songs as a TUNESMITH - and the money "was running in..." from 1967 - almost over a night.

MAYBE was Mickeys grown up, start in the music business in some ways same as Jimmy`s or???

From JIMMY WEEB song (the TRUE story)
"Work for a dollar"

From 1982 LP "Angel heart"
Backing on track mostly all members of group TOTO, voice also Kenny Loggins, Valerie Carter

I was born under a B-36
I was part of of the baby bomb
My daddy was a sandy land cotton farmer
Who plowed the Book of John
He plowed the Book of John.

My mama must have loved that Book of John
She read it every day
And every time I see a sandy land farm
I can still hear mama say
I still hear mama say

* You gotta work for a dollar
To earn a dime, Jimmy
You gotta work for a dollar
To earn a dime
They`ll take it from you every time

Mama went to heaven in `64
I was alone in ´65
A-layin in a cheap California motel
Just trying to stay alive
Trying to stay alive

And the years went by and the money rolled in
And it came so easily
I almost forgot the original thought
My mama gave to me
God, my mama gave to me

* (repeat)

Now I`m supposed to be a man
And I got children of my own own
And now I`ll be working at what I can
Until those kids are grown
Until those kids are grown

But they were born under a B-52
In a different kind of war
And the bombs are bigger and the times are harder
I`ve seen it all before
I`ve seen it all before

* (repeat)

See your around laura shayne & ryan, other members of family newburry and all you other good people in Austin in June/July.


erik "the dane"

 follow your dreams laura shayne! by erik "the dane" at 4/3/2006 7:53:52 AM
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