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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  not available
Date:  4/3/2006 7:21:22 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey and Duets
Hi Joey,

Mickey sang duets with Joan Baez ("SFMJ"),Tess Turner (the "Merry Merry Christmas" album) and our own Toni Jolene Clay ("Amen For Old Friends" and "How’s The Weather.")

The first duet team who comes to mind that covered Mick is Gene & Debbe. On their album, "Hear & Now," they recorded "Anyway You Want Me" and "Truly Truly True." Mick also wrote their LP liner notes.

"Sweet Memories" has been done as a duet by five teams: Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, Don Gibson & Dottie West, Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter (unreleased), Brenda Lee & Ricky VanShelton and Steve Wariner & Dottie West.

"An American Trilogy" was recorded as a duet by Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely. "Why You Been Gone So Long" was done by by Roy Acuff Jr. & Sue Thompson.

A few other duets are listed in the discography.


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