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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/27/2006 6:17:47 PM
Subject:  Re: albums

(1968-1988 REF # IS USA LP... 1991-2003 REF # IS USA CD)

1968 Harlequin Melodies (RCA LSP-4043); released in the UK as Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings RCA LSA3157

1969 *Looks Like Rain (Mercury SR-61236)

1971 *Frisco Mabel Joy (Elektra EKS-74107. Released in the UK as Elektra K42105); Quad as Elektra EQ-4107; 8-track as ET8-4107; 8-track quad as 8Q-4107; Cassette as TC 54107   

1972 Sings His Own (RCA LSP4675). Released in the UK as SF 8268; in Australia as APRS-2001

1973 *Heaven Help The Child (Elektra EKS-75055). Released in the UK as K 42137. Issued as 8-track as Elektra ET-85055; Cassette as TC 55055
1973 Mickey Newbury - Recorded Live At Montezuma Hall, San Diego State University, March 6, 1973 (Promo with blue cover) Single LP. (Elektra EK-PROMO 20)

1973 *Live At Montezuma Hall / Looks Like Rain (2LP Elektra 7E-2007; cassette C2-2007; 8-track T-82007) LLR was rerelease.

1974 *I Came To Hear The Music (Elektra EKS-7E-1007). Released in the UK as K 42162. Issued as 8-track as Elektra ET-81007; Cassette as TC 51007

1975 *Lovers (Elektra 7E-1030). Released in the UK as K 52017. Issued as 8-track as Elektra ET-81030; Cassette as TC-51030   

1977 *Rusty Tracks (ABC Hickory AH-44002) See 1979+. Released in the UK as ABCL 5215. Issued as cassette and 8-track as ABC Hickory HA 44002 H

1978 *His Eye Is On The Sparrow (ABC Hickory HA-44011) See 1979+; issued as cassette & 8-track as ABC Hickory HA44011H

1979 *The Sailor (ABC Hickory HB 44017) See 1979+; released in Canada as ABC Hickory 9311-44017. Issued as cassette as ABC Hickory HB 44017 H.   

1979+ MCA acquired ABC Hickory and rereleased three MN LPs: Rusty Tracks (MCA-802), His Eye Is On The Sparrow (MCA-803) and The Sailor (MCA-804). The albums have the original ABC Hickory number plus the hot-stamped MCA number.

1981 *After All These Years (Mercury / Polygram SRM-1-4024); cassette as Mercury / Polygram MCR-4-1-4024

1985 Sweet Memories (MCA-945); cassette as MCA-945

1988 In A New Age (Airborne ACD-101) This was the first Newbury album released on CD and was issued in a “longbox.” Was also issued as an LP under Airborne AB-101, cassette as R:3765-50101. (American releases)

1988 In A New Age (LP - Airborne ABL-61000; CrO2 cassette as ABT-61000) Canadian releases with totally different sound; was immediately recalled.

1991 Best of Mickey Newbury (Curb D2-77455)

1994 Nights When I Am Sane (Winter Harvest WH 3301-2); issued as cassette as Winter Harvest WH 3301-4

1996 Lulled By The Moonlight (Mountain Retreat) limited, numbered edition to 2000, autographed by MN.

1999 Lulled By The Moonlight (Mountain Retreat MR 0238 4) “Unlimited” reissue of 1996 album, not autographed

2003   Lulled By The Moonlight (MR 1683-2) Reissue of 1999 album. As back cover could not be duplicated, it was redone; face close-up is taken from back cover of Heaven Help The Child; eyes are not as blue and track list print is fainter.    

1998 Live In England (Mountain Retreat MR 0519 2)

1998* The Mickey Newbury Collection (Mountain Retreat) Includes 10 albums indicated above with *. Released as 8-CD box set.

2001 As above but CDs are remastered - with “Digitally Remastered” sticker on front of box.

2003 As above but includes new booklet cover and page on MN’s passing. Digitally Remastered printed on cover & spine.    

1999 It Might As Well Be The Moon (Mountain Retreat MR7488-2) Double CD set featuring (Disc 1) rerelease of 1988's In A New Age (American) with added instrumentation (Mike Elliott), plus (Disc 2) a live 1988 concert. Front spine of the ’99 jewel case has “2 CD” in same black tone as spine color. CDs have blue covers of the front and back of the moon.

2002 It Might As Well Be The Moon (Mountain Retreat MR7488-2) Rerelease of the 1999 CD, featuring a newly revised Disc 1; Mike Elliott is removed & Craig Nelson (additional bass) is included. Disc 2 is unchanged. Front spine of the ‘02 jewel case, has “2 CD” in white. CDs have computer revisions of the front cover painting.

2000 Stories From The Silver Moon Café (LongHall / Mountain Retreat MR 8160-2)

2000 ‘Frisco Mabel Joy (Mountain Retreat MR 1269-2) Reissue of 1971 album w/ bonus material

2001 A Long Road Home (LongHall / Mountain Retreat MR 1017-2)

2002 Winter Winds (Nights When I Am Sane with changed soundscape; 4 songs excluded, 6 added) (LongHall/MR 3147-2)

2003 Harlequin Melodies - The Complete RCA Recordings... Plus (Raven RVCD-158, Australian label) Consists of RCA ’68 LP Harlequin Melodies, RCA single Organized Noise, RCA ‘72 Sings His Own; plus seven “bonus tracks” from MCA ’85 LP Sweet Memories.

2003 Harlequin Melodies (Camden/BMG 82876511532, UK Release) Consists of RCA ’68 LP Harlequin Melodies plus RCA ‘72 Sings His Own   

Since 2003, two albums have been issued: Blue To This Day and An American Treasure, the excellent double-CD audio biography by Ron Lyons.

© Copyright 2004, Joe Ziemer

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