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Author:  Dave
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Date:  3/26/2006 7:25:29 AM
Subject:  Newbury night at a wedding
Message:  The son of very good friends got married yesterday & Judy & I attended. About 250 people were there. Afterward, there was a reception. Sitting at a table with friends, one asked me about Mickey. When another guy said "Mickey who?" Bill Ingram went into ten minutes of who Mickey was & how he had the greatest voice in the world. Bill's son in Jack Ingram, an exceptional singer/songwriter himself, so Bill knows a little of what he's talking about. That part passed, then there was the traditional dance of the new couple, father/bride, etc. When they called for the mother/groom dance & the music started, Judy & I and a few others just looked at each other. It was "Blue Sky Shinin'". I had introduced the groom's parents to Mickey's music years ago, but had no idea this was going to be their music. Need I say, the music was beautiful and there were some tears shed.

 Newbury night at a wedding by Dave at 3/26/2006 7:25:29 AM
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