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Author:  Craig
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Date:  3/25/2006 7:59:19 PM
Subject:  Re: The Gathering
Message:  From the Gathering Information...

Dates of this year's Gathering: June 30 - July 1 & 2

Place: Same Hotel, different name: Howard Johnson Hotel - 7800 N. Interstate Highway 35 in North Austin, Texas.

Toll Free Number (Direct to Hotel) is 1-866-661-6611

When making reservations, be sure and tell the operator that you are attending the Mickey Newbury Gathering.

Special room rate is the same $69.00 per night, plus taxes. This rate is good for up to four people in the room. Free breakfast buffet is included.

Registration for the Gathering will be $40.00 per person and will include free meals on Friday night, Saturday noon and evening, and Sunday noon and evening. Felix and Barbara Manion will be in charge of the meals this year. One T-shirt will also be included per person. 150 T-Shirts will be on hand in various sizes and will be given out on a first come, first served basis. There will be free snacks, soft drinks and beer in Room 155, starting on Thurday, June 29th through Sunday night.

Everyone is invited to bring an item for the silent auction, of course this is not required.

Professional sound will be provided by Larry and Gail Book. Larry will also handle the talent line-up this year. His past experience with the Frank Brown Songwriter's Festival should insure a tight and enjoyable musical presentation.

Cowboy Johnson has not indicated if there will be a 2nd edition of magic on Monday night. If he wishes to do this again, it will be posted on the board so that you may make proper travel arrangments.

There will be a posting regarding the entertainment in the near future.

There will also be some new and exciting presentations along with a few special guests.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to help out with food, registration, auction or in other areas, please e-mail me at:

We're looking forward to a refurbished hotel and making many wonderful memories.

Thanks to Susan Williamson, Mamie, Rosemary and everyone who has worked to improve this year's Gathering.

Love & Light,


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