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Author:  Pam Kaatz
E-mail:  kaatz@airmail.net
Date:  3/21/2006 12:07:51 PM
Subject:  Re: Mickey's grandson's gift to me
Message:  Apparently you are younger Mickey's English teacher since you mentioned his creative writing.
Why not take some of the senior Mickey's songs now and make lessons out of them? Great symbolism...metaphors...whatever poets use to get their ideas across are all in those songs.
I know that I might not have the words exactly right here; I know Mickey purists will lambast any slight misquotation HA HA But things like: The willow tree can bend, not like the oak that lives in fear of the wind... what a great LIFE MESSAGE for young people..you have to be flexible, if not, you will literally break into pieces... or the symbol of the person searching for links to restore the chain..when he finds himself all alone--thought it was freedom he wanted, but now he wants to be bound to other people. You can't get much "deeper" that that. At first you thought your student had given you a gift of a few CDs, you had no idea he had given you the gift of a lifetime!! The chance to know Mickey Newbury!!

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