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Author:  Bill Smith
E-mail:  wsmith@glade.net
Date:  3/20/2006 9:07:10 PM
Subject:  Re: Mickey Newberry
Message:  Joey the Big "O" died in December, 1988, not 1994. I will never forget the day I walked into a convenience store in Denton, Texas, and there was his picture on the front of the Dallas Morning News with a headline, "Roy Orbison Dies." I caught my breath and said to myself, "He can't die!"

Springsteen did the liner notes on Roy's reissue of his greatest hits. He talked about how we all laid in bed at night and dreamed about singing like Roy, a dream that could never come true.

His relationship with Mickey is well chronicled in Joe Z's book. Mickey he said he had the greatest voice ever recorded.

I agree.


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