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Author:  Horst
E-mail:  Schattengewaechse@t-online.de
Date:  3/20/2006 1:57:14 AM
Subject:  Re: Once again - The Newbury-Guitar
Message:  Hello Gerry,

here with us things are a bit different since guitar buying (and selling every now and then) has become a part of me myself, it´s become more than just a hobby. Some call our home a little guitar museum, and since guitar playing is my profession, too, things often turn out to some middle of passion and something irrational. So I have my guitars I´m playing, and a lot more are just hanging around at the walls. This is what non-musicians often let me know - they are just hanging there for nothing. But is that it? I love being surrounded by pieces that tell some ancient stories, very private, very recreative. Not just guitars, but books, too, paintings, pictures, records, memories of times I still feel at home with. Call me a romantic - ok., I´m one. But we have just this one life. There´s a bit of an "I knew this place"-philosophy by David Mallett in it.

As to the Godin - funny enough: I once had such an instrument ... and was happy to sell it without loss some two weeks later. The same happened to the Chet Atkins Gibson CE model. Both absolutely didn´t fit neither to my style of playing nor to my understanding of quality! And a friend of mine owns a Godin - and is enthusiastic about it, as I am - since this guitar really is perfectly built and sounds beautiful! You see - guitar is not guitar. Especially if it once was played by Mickey Newbury.

I´ll better go now, otherwise my guitar mind loses control concerning the length of that posting :-)

Have a nice day

 Once again - The Newbury-Guitar by Horst  at 3/18/2006 1:56:57 PM
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