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Author:  Bobbi Shook
E-mail:  Riolethe@grandecom.net
Date:  3/18/2006 3:46:21 PM
Subject:  Mickey's grandson's gift to me
Message:  Mickey's grandson, Mickey Lucher is a student of mine.My Mickey is amazingly artistic, poetic, and kind. One moment he can be as silly as the rest of my freshmen and the next moment he will say something wise and insightful way beyond his years. When he first started showing me his original poetry and posting it throughout my room I encouraged him to join the our high school's Writing Guild. The Guild hosted an open mic a few months back and Mickey read some of his original poetry and blew the audience away.I guess they haven't encountered too many gifted skateboarders! I am now wondering if his creative gift may be genetic. My Mickey came to me a couple of weeks ago, knowing that I would be out for a while due to minor surgery, and he gave me a stack of CDs to listen to. He said simply, "This is my grandpa. You can borrow them until you get back". (He had never mentioned him before.) I have spent the last two weeks relaxing, healing,and falling in love with a voice I'd never had the joy of hearing before.The lyrics, the voice, the guitar are like magic. Much of the music, of course was familiar, but I have never heard any of it done so perfectly before. What a genius. What a legacy. What a gift.

 Mickey's grandson's gift to me by Bobbi Shook  at 3/18/2006 3:46:21 PM
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