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Author:  Horst
E-mail:  Schattengewaechse@t-online,de
Date:  3/17/2006 7:21:20 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey on a six-string
Message:  Hello, over there -

I guess it´s not the question to copy some style. Every style can be copied if one tries hard enough - say for educational aspects, finding lines, discover and developping technics, working out precision and such. That´s not the problem. To give an example: I remember Jerry Kennedy playing some of Mickey´s tunes, guess it was in the early 70s. But - is that it? To me it´s quite poor - sampling the backgrounds and replacing the voice by an instrument whatever.

Think about Chet Atkins who was - as far as I know - rather close with Mickey´s music, he loved his songs. And usually he made his own versions of the songs he liked. So - why didn´t he pick up one single song of Mickey´s? I suspect he tried. But things wouldn´t work, - for reasons whatever.

In the past, some 200 years ago, guitarists - or instrumentalists in general - had their method to overcome probs like this: They arranged so-called variations, up to a dozen of movements. I sometimes had in mind doing such a thing on the electric guitar, but wouldn´t this mean to cultivate anachronisms? Irritated moods would be on my side *lol*

Best wishes from the icy Bavarian Mountains

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