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Author:  Joe
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Date:  3/16/2006 9:27:07 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey newbury guitar for sale?
Message:  I am sorry to say yes I put this Guitar up for auction here in town,and yes dad told me the last time I saw him alive in Houston at grandmas house he told me this was the very finest guitar he had ever played he didnt have it with him and he was already having a hard time he said "playing guitar these days", But I do remember him bragging about it that day ,it breaks my heart to put it up but it will be quite a guitar for someone who Loves Mickey.the only other 2 guitars I know of that he had Chris and Steve have,these I would consider works of art.I hope they stay in the family forever or end up in a museum someday in tribute to Mickey Newbury.sorry Chris&Leah,But this is a true Sweet Newbury guitar,in Newbury style,synth/classical/unique/authentic.

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